Get Published Now! See What You Write in Print in 2018
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Get Published Now!   See What You Write in Print in 2018

You can see your work published in a variety of media. Back by popular demand, Coronado Adult Education brings you a course that will show you how to get what you write published. Get Published Now! will run from January 16 to February 27 (No class February 6). The class meets Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and is taught by New York Times best-selling writer and Coronado resident George Galdorisi. Cost is $68 ($61 for seniors). Register at http:// or by calling 619-522-8911.

About the course: This course is designed for beginning, emerging and even accomplished writers who seek to have their work - novels, non-fiction books, articles, essays, you name it - published.  We'll explore all options, from major publishing houses to popular magazines and newspapers, not to mention the ubiquitous online and electronic opportunities. The course is results-oriented, the aim is to get your work out into the world and, once it's out there, to get it noticed and appreciated by a wide audience! The six seminars include: Why Write?; First - and Essential - Steps; Non-fiction - The Hungry Market; “The Great American Novel”; Establishing an Online Presence, and Social Media - Challenges and Opportunities.

About the instructor: George Galdorisi is a New York Times best-selling writer who has published multiple works in a variety of media and who offers something for everyone to take their writing to the next level with the explicit goal of getting it published. He is a career naval aviator and long-term Coronado resident who began his writing career with an article in a professional journal in 1978. He has written seven novels (all published by mainstream New York houses), six works of non-fiction (published nationally and internationally), contributions to other works of non-fiction, and well over 300 articles in national media including newspapers, professional journals, popular magazines, and conference proceedings. His last three novels, Act of Valor, Out of the Ashes and Into the Fire were all New York Times best-sellers.

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