Gorgeous Hats for Coronado Polo Event
Posted by: Coronado Arts 3 years, 1 month ago


Glamourproject Charity announces that their hat merchandiser has collaborated with them to put together an online hat catalog showcasing the most fabulous polo, derby, 92118 special event hats to glamorize yourself while, at the same time, support a fundraiser for the 501 c 3 charity-glamour project ( www.glamourproject.org) The mission of Glamourproject is to help homeless women, children, and families to regain their sense of self and purpose.

Therefore, this fundraiser is timely to the current discussions regarding homelessness in San Diego. Their Mission Statement clearly states that it is important to remember that being homeless is a circumstance, not an identity. A generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these hats will go directly to benefit Glamourproject. Please contact Coronado millinery artist Marilyn Feldman either by phone ( 617 861 7922 ) or email  (marilyndf@gmail.com ). When you contact Marilyn she can send the hat catalog to you as an email attachment. She will walk you through the process of measuring your correct hat size and explain the meaning of the measurements listed next to each hat. Contact her now and find that perfect hat for Polo at the Del or the 92118 Celebration!

This opportunity will end as of midnight on September 21, 2018, which coincides with the end of the 92118 Coronado special events day.