Local Artist to Create Mosaic Mural for Sharp Coronado Hospital
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Local Artist to Create Mosaic Mural for Sharp Coronado Hospital

Creation will be inspired by art submitted from the community

Her artwork can be recognized throughout the island of Coronado. One could say the waves, flowers, and nature scenes used in her mosaics come from scenes she grew up with every day. Born and raised in Coronado, local artist Kirstin Green has created and installed dozens of mosaic projects around town, from Spreckels Park to the Coronado Municipal Golf Course to the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex. Now, Green is about to create an 89-square-foot mosaic mural (9'5” x 9'5”), in the Healing Garden of Sharp Coronado Hospital – using art submitted by members of the community as her inspiration.

“I am excited to embark on this new project and to get input from this great community,” said Green. “The first hour will be spent making a visual art piece to the prompt ‘What does healing look like?’ and the second hour will be spent with each participant telling a short story of healing, of grief and loss, or some other experience they have had that has inspired their artwork.”

Beginning mid-January, Green will lead five, free, two-hour Community Art Forums in the auditorium of the Sharp Coronado Hospital. Participants only need to attend one of the sessions. The dates and times are as follows:

  • January 18th 4-6pm
  • January 20th 2-4pm
  • January 20th 4-6pm
  • January 25th 4-6pm
  • January 27th 2-4pm

The art pieces will be used as an inspirational tool for Green in the design of the mural. No single art piece created by the community members will be chosen for the design, rather the artist will study and group them together in an attempt to understand common imagery, patterns and other design elements that will contribute a healing feeling to the final design.

Green will use arts-based research that will be conducted prior to her creating the design. This research will be done through the group design sessions that will give patients and community members a voice and a sense of participation and ownership in this project. The design will be designed in accordance with the aesthetics of the Planetree, person-centered care concept that governs the décor of the entire hospital grounds.

“Kirstin’s work is so well recognized, admired and enjoyed throughout Coronado,” said Susan Stone, senior vice president and chief executive officer of Sharp Coronado Hospital. “We are excited that she’ll be working on this project for our Healing Garden and involving the community in what the final piece will look like.”

Later this summer, upon completion of the mural and garden, there will be an unveiling celebration at Sharp Coronado Hospital. At this event, the artworks created at the five Community Art Forums will be displayed in a group exhibition entitled, like the prompt, “What Does Healing Look Like?” The participants and community at large will have a chance to look at all the works together at this event. Once the event is over, the participating artists will be invited to take their pieces home with them.

Green has been working as a mosaic artist in her hometown of Coronado for nearly two decades. She was born at Coronado Hospital and her mother was head nurse and administrator for the Coronado Hospital Emergency Room for 46 years. Green is currently enrolled in the Expressive Arts Institute and pursuing a Master's degree in Expressive Arts Therapy.


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Forum sizes are limited to 10 people. Interested participants can register for one of the free Community Art Forums at https://www.sharp.com/health-classes/ or by calling 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277).