Osher Lecture - Using Minimum Wages to Fight Inequality and Policy
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Osher Free Lecture by David Neuman: Using Minimum Wages to Fight Inequality and Policy.

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Synopsis: The primary arguments for a higher minimum wage is (1) that it will increase earnings of low-wage workers, and (2) that it will increase incomes – specifically to reduce poverty of low-income families. It may seem intuitive that a higher minimum wage will achieve the aforementioned, and it does give the appearance of greater fairness; however, the overall effects are not so clear for two reasons: First, a higher minimum wage may reduce employment of low-skilled workers, offsetting some of the benefits of a higher wage. Second, a higher minimum wage may not deliver benefits to low-income families. This lecture discusses the U.S. evidence on the results of a wage increase, and briefly touches on an alternative to minimum wage.

Presenter: David Neumark is a Distinguished Professor of Economics and Co-Director of the Center for Population, Inequality, and Policy at UC Irvine.  He has previously held positions at the Federal Reserve Board, the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan State University, and the Public Policy Institute of California, and is currently a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and a senior research fellow at the Workers Compensation Research Institute. Neumark’s work examines the numerous areas of labor economics that intersect with important public policy issues.  He received his MA and Ph.D. from Harvard University. 

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