Outside In: Telling Stories in the Third Person
Posted by: Coronado Arts 4 years, 7 months ago


Presenter: Laura McNeal

One of the most common techniques in fiction, especially fiction for young adults, is the first person narrative.  In this workshop, we’ll talk about some differences between first and third person narrators, read examples that illustrate the wide range of effects you can achieve in either one, and do exercises switching back and forth between the two.  Each student should bring one paragraph written in the first or third person as a starting point. Laura McNeal holds an MA in fiction writing from Syracuse University, where she taught freshman composition, and has taught middle and high school English at a private school in Salt Lake City.  For twenty years she has worked as a freelance journalist, and her true crime essays for the San Diego Reader have been anthologized in the book “You Can’t Leave Me Now.”  With her husband Tom McNeal, she is the author of four critically-acclaimed young adult novels newly re-issued by Knopf: “Crooked,” “Zipped,” “Crushed,” and “The Decoding of Lana Morris.”  Her solo young adult title, “Dark Water,” was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2010.