STOCKDALE: Character, Community, Leadership
Posted by: Coronado Arts 4 years, 6 months ago


New exhibit opens September 18th!

Stockdale: Character, Community, Leadership is a special exhibit detailing the extraordinary life and family story of Coronadan Vice Admiral James Stockdale, one of the most decorated and respected Navy officers of his era. Vice Admiral Stockdale was awarded the Medal of Honor for his “valiant leadership and extraordinary courage” during seven years as a POW at the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” during Vietnam.  

It is also the story of his wife Sybil Stockdale, who, while raising their four sons in Coronado during his long captivity, fought tirelessly to bring her husband, and the other POWs home. Sybil still lives in the Stockdale family home in Coronado.  Because of the Stockdales’ many links to Coronado, this exhibition is premiering in Coronado before traveling to other locales around the country

STOCKDALE:  Character, Community, Leadership  is an exhibition of many dimensions.  Besides bringing an exceptional life into focus, it further honors the exploits of the many American POWs and MIAs of Vietnam, and also draws attention to the Medal of Honor itself.  Many Medal of Honor recipients, including James Stockdale, have had Coronado connections.  The very first of these, though, was William S. Cronan, who received his Medal of Honor in 1906 for bravery in saving several fellow sailors following the devastating boiler explosion aboard USS Bennington in July 1905 in San Diego Bay.  His story, as outlined in the exhibition, complements that of James Stockdale in an compelling way.