The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing
Posted by: Coronado Arts 6 years ago


Presenters: Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne; Chrystal Pointe Media, Inc.

Even if your manuscript is not finished, it is time to be thinking about publishing your book. What makes a great book cover? When should I start marketing? What else do I need to know? This session will start to guide you through the steps of self-publishing and ensure that you retain all of your rights and royalties.

Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne are co-founders of Crystal Pointe Media, Inc., a hybrid publishing company with a focus on providing practical solutions to publishing questions to help authors get their book to market. Tina is a retired US Navy Commander who has self-published four books. Laura is a “retired” English and Spanish teacher who helped Tina self-publish her books. From there, others began asking her to help them with their books and was formed.