Three Free Osher Lectures
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Osher at UCSD is inviting non-members to join us for three very special lectures as our guests this week!

Invite your friends and family to join our community for an engaging and exciting week at Osher.

These lectures will be free but we do request registration. Please SPREAD THE WORD about these free lectures on Facebook or Twitter or with anyone who might be interested in attending. Also, SHARE this brochure of highlights for our upcoming summer quarter so they know what we have coming up! Registration is now open and individuals can join our live summer program for just $80 per month or $120 for the quarter. Our membership options can be found online here, and you can register there or you can email

Thursday, June 4 at 10am: Professor Emeritus Sandy Lakoff, "The Politics of the Pandemic": email to register and receive the Zoom link.
Pandemics are usually thought of as major medical events, but they can have such comprehensive impact that they affect and are affected by the political process. This lecture will review some of the major interactions between the current pandemic and government and politics here and elsewhere. In particular we will look at how the November election could turn on how voting takes place and how our highly polarized electorate may judge the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis.

Friday, June 5 at 10am: Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio, US Navy (ret), "America's National Security: The Next Ten Years"
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VADM Charles Martoglio will present a non-political look at the key national-security issues facing America in the coming decade. The discussion will range from China to Russia, North Korea, the Middle East, and Central and South America, and will include reasoned projections and potential courses of action. It will stress the importance of economic strength, the criticality of allies and alliances, and the importance of maintaining technological superiority. Because of America's unique position in the world, it is well positioned to successfully navigate this increasingly complex security environment—if it does so wisely.

Friday, June 5 at 1pm: Professor Harry Powell, "Irish Women of Resilience"
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As the first century of Irish independence draws to a close, the stories of some of the women who shaped it stand out. At the start of the century, women's stories were powerful symbols. But to have a meaningful place in twentieth century they had to confront conservative forces in Church and State politics. The Irish revolution had three components, nationalist, labor and women's struggle, first for the right to vote, and then for social equality and reproductive freedom. At the beginning of the century women leaders often came from the privileged class, more recently however, women from every part of Irish society were creating social and political change. This presentation will focus on cubist painters like Manie Jellett and Evie Hone who believed that artists should have a public role, writers such as Elizabeth Bowen, an aristocrat and Edna O'Brien, from a struggling middle class family, who fought their way past censorship by establishing international reputations.