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Free and open to the public


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Jan. 21, 2021, noon to March 31, 2021, noon
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Wellness in the New Year

Presented by Sharp Hospital - Health Classes

Jan. 21, 2021, noon to March 31, 2021, noon

These health classes are available for online participation/viewing.


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January 25th, Part 2 becomes available for viewing.


Part 2: Food Demonstration (now available)
A cooking demonstration using simple ingredients to create meals that are delicious and incredibly nutritious at the same time is also included.

Part 1: December 2020: Choosing Wellness in the New Year
Part 1: Educational (available online on demand)
This presentation will outline the five pillars of wellness that help optimize health at all times, especially in times of crisis, including ways to reduce stress and optimize health.

Please check back each month to see when upcoming workshops are available online. Note that workshop topics and schedules are subject to change.