Cultural Planning

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The City of Coronado recently marked a major milestone with the celebration of its 125th anniversary. Now, Coronado through its Cultural Arts Commission (CAC) is looking to the future by undertaking a community-based cultural planning process.  The plan will identify Coronado’s creative resources, assets, needs and challenges; define goals through a community vision; and establish an action plan to invigorate and inspire Coronado’s “Culture of Creativity” in the coming years. A primary goal for the plan is to create a blueprint for Coronado to elevate its standing as a city for creativity and excellence in the arts. This public/private collaboration will define specific strategies for community-wide implementation to sustain Coronado as a magnet for arts, culture and creativity.

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Why does Coronado need this?

  • Assessment and planning are the cornerstones of healthy, growing, vibrant communities.  Coronado’s dynamic arts, culture and creativity reflect our city’s spirit and values - they are our pulse.  
  • With “Creative Industries” the No. 1 growth job sector in the United States and the advent of “cultural tourism," cultural planning for cities such as Boulder, Colorado, Nashville, Tennessee and Santa Ana, Pasadena and Laguna Beach, California, and more than 100 other cities across the country over the course of the past 10 years has demonstrated the value of cultural planning.  

What are the Plan's Initial Goals?

  • Celebrate the City’s distinctive artistic and cultural identities.
  • Enhance and protect Coronado’s quality of life.
  • Foster an increased connection between individuals and the community’s creative sector including non-profit organizations, other arts related businesses and individual artists in all mediums.
  • Articulate a shared vision for the future: building capacity and resources and increasing collaborative efforts.

What is the Plan’s Methodology?

  • This planning process is intended to be one of the most inclusive and comprehensive ever undertaken using the services of a professional consultant with specific expertise and experience in cultural planning.
  • Everyone involved in the arts and culture communicty in Coronado from private citizens to businesses and organizations will be invited to engage through Town Hall Meetings, topic-specific workshops, organizational assessments, cultural conversations and public surveys. 
  • Information gathered along with targeted research from other cities will be combined to present the most appropriate plan for Coronado.

What results can we expect?

  • Assessment and needs-identification along with strategies for overcoming challenges related to resources in the community.
  • Create opportunities for strategic action and growth through an action plan of short-, mid-, and long-term goals.
  • Identify and strengthen resources for organizations and the creative community to further integrate the arts into education and life-long learning.
  • Enhance community access to cultural experiences.