Cultural Arts Commission

About the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission

Created by the City Council in 2011, the Commission's mission is to serve and partner with Coronado's many local artists and cultural arts organizations, and to act as a catalyst in further developing a vibrant and cohesive arts community, strengthening arts education, enhancing cultural tourism and economic development.

The Commission consists of seven volunteer commissioners who are appointed by the City Council through a public application process to serve three-year terms. As a sign of the economic times in which the CAC was created, there is no designated budget at this time. The Commission is currently staffed by Senior Management Analyst/Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis and she can be contacted by e-mail at or 619.522.2633.

The Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The meetings are open and the public is invited to attend. Agendas and Minutes of current and previous meetings are posted and available on the City’s website:

It is the intention of this commission to encourage as much community involvement as possible in its work so that CAC goals and activities are truly reflective of the community at large and not just the ideas of a few select individuals. To accomplish this,  specific program areas were identified and seven ad hoc “Working Teams” were set up, meeting as needed, each being chaired by a member of the commission. A variety of ideas come forth to the commission, as recommendations, through the Work Teams providing both CAC and ultimately the City Council, with a broad range of relevant information resulting in a much more “community based” decision process in arts-related issues.

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Cultural Arts Commission Members Jeanmarie Bond, Teresa Espaniola, Marcus Echols-Booth, Heidi Wilson, Deb Kaller, Dawn Richards and Paul Schutz

Current Program Areas of the Cultural Arts Commission:

  • Arts Education
  • Arts Partners
  • Arts + Prosperity
  • Communications: Public Relations and Media
  • Literary Arts & Performing Arts
  • Public Art
  • Visual Arts

2012 was a milestone year for the arts in Coronado!  It marked the beginning of a new level of civic recognition as to the importance of the arts in the daily life of its citizens and underscores the City’s acknowledgment of the significant contributions Coronado’s Cultural Arts organizations and the artistic community make to the local economy, cultural tourism, and an enhanced quality of life enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

In 2013 the Commission conducted the first Economic Impact Report providing an important first look as to the actual depth, breadth, and financial impact of Coronado's cultural community. Designed to provide a baseline for future efforts, this report provides formal documentation to substantiate that the Arts are "alive and well" in Coronado. 

In 2014 the Commission sponsored several new events highlighting art and artists in Coronado. In August the Commission partnered with several local art organizations to bring Celebrate Oz! to Coronado. A week of activities to highlight Coronado's unique connection to L. Frank Baum the creator of the Wizard of Oz series. Baum wintered in Coronado and wrote several of his books in this beloved series while staying here. In October the Commission sponsored a Coronado's Writer Workshop. The day-long event consisted of 10 sessions with 15 presenters and featured publishing veteran Don Lamm as the keynote speaker. In late 2014 the Commission was tasked by the City Council to plan the 125 Anniversary of Coronado's incorporation and in late December began the process.

In 2015 in celebration of the City of Coronado's 125th anniversary of incorporation, the Commission planned and produced 17 separate events and collaborated with businesses, organizations, and volunteers to offer an additional 18 Coronado Celebrates 125 themed events. Events included a free San Diego Symphony concert in Tidelands Park, the opening of a City-owned and operated an art gallery in the Coronado Community Center, and culminated with a sold-out citizen celebration the Mayors' Dinner at the Del.

In 2016 several Public Art installations were completed including First Ashore - Naked Warrior in Glorietta Bay Park celebrating the US Navy SEALs presence in Coronado for over 70 years, and two major installations in the newly completed John D. Spreckels Center - Transition by Jon Koehler and Tea Gardens 1904 by Bronle Crosby.

2017 was the planning and launching of Coronado CREATES a strategic plan for Arts and Culture in Coronado. With the assistance of Louise Stevens principal of ArtsMarket, the Commission began an assessment of the current state of Arts and Culture in Coronado. The process will engage the community through 2018 and the plan will be brought to the City Council for review in late 2018/early 2019.

2018 the Cultural Arts Commission worked on Coronado CREATES Arts Market met with over 35 individual and small groups to discuss arts and culture in Coronado and to gather their recommendations about the future of the arts in Coronado.. A Coronado CREATES Steering Committee comprised of over 50 local residents was formed and convened regularly to discuss the future of the arts in Coronado. They received regular updates and draft copies of  A community survey was conducted with over 400 community members responding. Several community meetings were held to review the assessment results of the project and to discuss ideas for the future. The final report was submitted to the Cultural Arts Commission in late 2018.

2019 the City Council and the Cultural Arts Commission held their first joint meeting in January, "The State of the Arts." Click here to view a video shown at the event. In February 2019 the Cultural Arts Commission adopted Coronado CREATES and in April 2019 the City Council accepted Coronado CREATES. Work has started to implement the plan with a reorganization of Commissioner duties and focus on the goals of the plan. Click here to read the adopted Coronado CREATES plan.