Visual Arts: Photography

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1104 Leyte Rd
Coronado, CA, 92118

Bill Chizek Photography

Visual Arts: Photography

About the artist:

I wish I had a photography niche; but because I'm shooting mostly stock photography, my interests are all over the place. Sadly, my website demonstrates that I'm a photographic mess with no empahsis in one area. As for me, I'm retired and loving life. Originally from Manitowoc, WI but I've lived in various places spending many years in Naples, Italy; all courtesy of the US Navy Music Program. For 30 years I was a Navy Musician and was extremely fortunate to serve my country while doing something I loved, and saw much of the world in the process. I'm also the father of one boy and two girls who keep life interesting. This photography journey began when I joined the Navy in 1981 but was short lived because shooting with film, proved too expensive and was cutting in to the beer and pizza fund of my youth. During my Naval career I traveled throughout the US, Europe, and Asia; but did little photography. By 2006 the photo bug bit again and I eased back in to digital photography with a Sony pocket camera, later progressing to Canon DSLR's, and by 2017 I had moved back to the Sony A7Rii.

As a musician since the 1970's, I was fortunate to play with incredible people (see I've found similarities between music and photography, a photographer’s work is similar to a musician’s music. Likewise, a music lesson and a photography lesson can be similar too, you get the information, but still have to practice to improve. Photography now fills the part that music once occupied in my life. When I'm shooting, it's normally with my family. A photo in my archive called Red Skies is special because it was the first sunrise my young daughters experienced. It was taken on a special morning in Naples, Italy with my wife and girls, and Mother Nature cooperated. Needless to say, my wife is a patient woman in ways too numerous to mention here... She is my biggest supporter and best friend. Admittedly, I’m a pain as a travel buddy because I'm constantly wondering off and lag behind shooting. My wife never gives me grief; in fact, she's never been anything but supportive and without her, this little obsession would be just another thing I'd like to be doing.