Visual Arts: Photography

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Coronado, CA, 92118

Brian Lippe

Visual Arts: Photography

About the artist:

Brian Lippe attended Vista High School and graduated in the class of 1971. His father was a career Marine Officer and often deployed. He comes from a big family and after high school he left home, flew to Kodiak, Alaska and worked on fishing boats for about six months. He says it was a great experience and a lot like traveling back in time 100 years or so. After his Alaska adventure he decided to join the Navy. He started out as a Construction Electrician in the Seabees. Shortly after that he joined the SEALs in San Diego. He went through BUD/S in 1975 and spent the next 23 years with the SEAL Teams where he did tours with SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two, Special Boat Unit 12 and twice as a SEAL Instructor. Lippe somehow managed to pick up a Bachelors and two Masters degrees along the way. After retiring from the Navy, Lippe went to work for Salomon Smith Barney, a major wall street firm, with an office in La Jolla. During his time there, when 9/11 occurred, he was offered some work for the SEAL headquarters. It was supposed to last about 3 months and it ended up lasting 3 years. A SEAL friend of his then asked him if he could help with the finances for a new navy project. Lippe spent the next 5 years working on that. Lippe was diagnosed with cancer in about March of 2013. He spent two years fighting before he was able to stop going to the hospital for treatment about a year ago. During his time recovering, Lippe went out and practiced photography as well as helped his wife Pamela Murphy with her passion for oil painting. Lippe "decided [he] didn’t want to waste too much time, [he] didn’t want to sit around the house and if [he] could do something that other people would enjoy and especially other people that couldn’t get out to see for themselves, it would be a value added." Lippe felt very fortunate just to be here but also that he lives in Coronado and is able to have the time to look at life differently! Brian passed away in 2018. His beautiful photography continues to inspire.

Chasing Light. "My photos are the product of a lifetime of interest in photography that has blossomed recently because I finally have the time to concentrate on it. I got my first camera (a box camera) when I was about 7. The technologies available today along with social media make it so easy to learn, to get inspiration and to share that it is hard to believe there was a time when none of that existed. I like to share my photos because I know there are some out there that can’t get to the beach or even get outside to see the world around them and others that are stuck on their computers or just busy with their lives all day. I’ve found that it’s a great way to engage with people online and overall it’s just very positive!" -Brian Lippe