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232 C Avenue
Coronado, CA, 92118

Eileen Hannegan-Panek

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About the artist:

Eileen’s first book, When Money is Not Enough; Fulfillment in Work, lays out key practices to increase job satisfaction and maintain a positive work environment. It provides insights, techniques, and strategies that assist employees, organizations and consultants in establishing healthy work environments that break the cycle of dysfunction and co-dependency.

Her second book, Know Your Truth, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth, provides real-life experiences of individuals who pursued the discovery of their authentic self as well as exercises, affirmations and questions for reflection that will help enhance the reader’s personal and spiritual growth as it lights the way to owning, asserting, and honoring the power of truth within.

Eileen’s first and second books are available in hardcover and eBook/Kindle.

Shores of Resurrection is a collection of deeply touching, and humorous, poems, in which Eileen shares the highs and lows of a challenging personal life transition. The format of the book lays out the process of Reflections on Changing Course, Grieving, Awakening and Celebrating that encourages and inspires the reader on their own life path. Purchase directly from the author.

Eileen began her career in 1983 as a counselor in the field of addictions, codependency and dysfunctional family dynamics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior and a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. Starting in 1989 she has been a pioneer in the fields of life and business coaching and is one of the first Master Certified Coaches (MCC), ICF, International Coach Federation.

Eileen’s is recognized internationally for her books in multiple languages, consulting, executive coaching training program and speaking presentations on personal and professional fulfillment. Eileen has dedicated her life to personal and spiritual development. Her professional life, over 35 years, has reflected this commitment to helping others worldwide in their own discovery of authentic self in personal and professional life.

Eileen and her husband, Don Panek, happily resided in Coronado, California.