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Glorietta Bay Promenade
Coronado, California, 92118

Freedom by Jon Koehler

Public Art

About the artist:

The kinetic sculpture Freedom by Jon Koehler defies standard metal characteristics and stands 18 feet tall overall and 9 feet wide at its widest point, making it an extraordinary eye catching work. The work is located at the Glorietta Bay Promenade and is a must see along the Coronado Public Art Walking Tour. The idea for the sculpture was brought forward by the Coronado Public Art Subcommittee to the Coronado Design Review Commission in October 2004 after a similar sculpture was displayed at the Port's "Urban Trees" exhibition titled Evolution.

The Design Review Commission recommended approval of the design and proposed a location for the sculpture. The location was on tidelands, thus under the jurisdiction of the Port of San Diego. The City requested the Port's approval of the project and funding from the Port's Public Art Program. The project's cost including design, fabrication, artist fee, and installation at Glorietta Bay was $27,000. Freedom was installed in September 2009. Freedom is perfectly juxtaposed in the pocket park of Glorietta Bay against the beautiful blue water of the bay. Koehler produced a work that brings opposing forces together into parity. Freedom utilizes metal and wind to form a moving contradiction where preconceptions would normally dictate that this stable metal could not come alive or move with a light breeze. Koehler makes the impossible possible. This theme can be seen throughout his collection of metal sculptures on display in San Diego. Additionally, he has works on exhibit in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.