Crafts: Sculpture

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Gerry Werner

Crafts: Sculpture

About the artist:

Sculptor Gerry Werner has been working with clay for 46 years. She first found her passion for the medium in the seventh grade. Her work is not created on a wheel but is built by hand in free form and then high fired to a Cone 10. The average size of her pieces are two-feet tall and she fires her work in a very large home kiln. Her work has shown in major shows in La Quinta, Indio, Palm Springs and Scottsdale.

Gerry is originally from Tacoma Washington. She is married to Coronado artist Uwe Werner who she met through an introduction from Uwe’s mother. They knew each other only seven days before they became engaged and were married three months later. Gerry had no idea Uwe was an artist when they met but found out after they were married. Money was tight for the newly married couple so while in the Navy Uwe came home to paint during his lunch hours on the balcony at the Bay Club. Gerry remembers being so broke that one year she created candles in the sand and sold them at the Oakwood Apartment Clubhouse making $350 enough to buy a real turkey and have a festive holiday season. It was the first indicator that art could be not only their passion but their profession.

Uwe and Gerry became involved with the newly formed Coronado Art Association and began showing at Art in the Park in Spreckels Park. Gerry first exhibited her work at the Coronado events in 1974 and they still show regularly on the first and third Sunday of each month in Spreckels Park. When Uwe left the Navy he and Gerry opened a Coronado art gallery featuring Uwe’s work. The gallery was located in the 1300 block of Orange Avenue for many years. During this time Gerry’s focus was raising their two daughters and running the gallery. During this time her artwork was interrupted but she loved working in the gallery and promoting Uwe’s artwork. However, Gerry always knew she would return one day to working with clay.

Gerry is inspired by nature. Walking on the Coronado Beach, watching the dolphins swim through the waves, octopus in the wild in Moorea, Tahiti all have influenced her work. She credits her teachers in High School in Tacoma for developing her deep passion for the arts. Werner loves creating sculptures and she can’t imagine doing anything else.