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Handstand, Daniel Stern

Public Art

About the artist:

Handstand 2012 Coronado Community Center

Artist Daniel Stern says he hopes people "get a feeling of motion, joy, color, chaos, balance, humor, danger, possibilities and impossibilities," when viewing it.  When you see this at the Coronado Community Center, you may have a strong urge to jump onto your hands and throw your feet up in the air.

This bronze sculpture is of a man in a suit and hat standing on one hand. The 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture is mounted on top of a 12-foot-wall at 1845 Strand Way.

Daniel Stern is also an actor best known for his role in “Home Alone,” in which he played one the blundering burglars tricked by a young Macaulay Culkin.

Before arriving in Coronado, “Handstand” was a piece in the San Diego Unified Port District’s Urban Trees art program.