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Jerry Greenspan

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About the artist:

Born in Brooklyn in 1937, I spent my first 25 years in the city, with the exception of one year on Long Island. While attending Lincoln High School I had my first taste of entrepreneurship. It was in my junior year that I had a modestly successful bookie trade. On finding the school did not support my efforts I, sadly, terminated operations I attended Pace University, then merely a college, undergraduate and graduate school. A business major I worked initially as a CPA, later becoming a financial officer with a publicly traded Honolulu company. I resigned to purchase a retail lighting store in 1972, moving to San Francisco in 1979 to start a chain of ceiling fan stores. I sold the business and retired to San Diego in 1987. Moving to my current Coronado residence in 1997. From 1987 until 2010 I was an active volunteer member of SCORE, a national organization whose mission is to assist small businesses. While an occasional poet from childhood, I did not begin writing regularly until 2006. Shortly thereafter I joined two writing groups, finding I had a lot to learn, but could handle the criticism. Since then I have published three books of poetry, and distributed copies to friends, selling only one copy of two of the books for a substantial discount on a root-canal surgery. In July 2012 I volunteered, I think, to start a writers group in Coronado. We are in our second year, and it has been one of the most engaging adventures I have been associated with. I am very fortunate to awaken, most mornings, with an idea for another piece of blank verse.