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LaShawn Krom, Artist/Designer/Brushworks Custom Arts Studio

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About the artist:


LaShawn has produced one-of-a-kind works of art for nearly three decades. Her body of work reflects her passion for individuality, creativity, and ability to capture a look and feel of each clients need, want, or vision.

"Capturing The Art Within" is the way LaShawn visualizes subjects. Studying the lines, colors, subject matter, etc...and then putting that vision on canvas.

Many of LaShawn's pieces are inspired by her experiences and travels. She captures them through her camera lens, then paints her vision. She has gathered inspiration to create unique works of art. . She is adept in working with a wide range of materials, subjects and methods. LaShawn enjoys creating anything from stylized portraits, exotic beach scenes, interior murals and borders, artistic faux, hand painted furniture to customized jewelry.

If you want a unique, custom piece of artwork that you or someone you know will cherish...please contact LaShawn for a consultation.

If it has a surface, she can create a beautiful piece of art for you or someone you know to enjoy, and last a lifetime.

LaShawn's vision along with your needs and ideas can be combined to create a masterpiece that is as individual as you. The possibilities are endless.

NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: All of my artwork is original and customized. It is impossible to duplicate exactly. Colors can be changed to fit anyone's taste or decor. If you see something that you would like a variation of, I can paint it! If you have a postcard, photo, or idea, I can paint it! Let's get creative together!

*LaShawn's work is on display and available at Earth, Wind & Sea of Coronado, & Boho Cottage Market, in Gulf Gate Village, Sarasota, Florida. She was a member of the Southwestern Artists Association in Balboa Park, is "Artist Of The Month" at Earth, Wind and Sea of Coronado several times a year. On occasion you might catch her painting outside on the R.H. Dana patio in front of Dan McGeorge Gallery. She is an instructor for Inspire San Diego. You can paint with her and create a beautiful painting to cherish. Sign up for one of her classes at