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Laura McNeal

Literature: Writer

About the artist:

Laura McNeal, a Coronado resident, holds an MA in fiction writing from Syracuse University.  She’s written for various journals and periodicals, including 16 years writing for the San Diego Reader, and collaborated on a number of books with her husband, Tom McNeal. Together, they are the authors of four critically acclaimed young adult novels: Crooked (1999), winner of the California Book Award in Juvenile Literature; Zipped (2003), winner of the Pen Center USA Literary Award in Children’s and Young Adult Literature; Crushed (2006); and The Decoding of Lana Morris (2007).

Laura published her first solo book in 2010, a novel entitled Dark Water. Dark Water became a finalist for the National Book Award, and in 2015 Laura chaired the National Book Award panel for young people’s literature. In 2016, she published The Incident on the Bridge, a young adult novel which readers will recognize as set in Coronado. Most recently Laura published a historical novel for adults, The Practice House (2017). The story of a Scottish immigrant’s journey, set in 1930’s Kansas and California, is “a sweeping and timeless love story about leaving - and finding - home.”

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