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Michael Ives Studios

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About the artist:

Michael is currently working on his new 'Coronado Collection', a group of iPad paintings portraying some of the great events that take place each year in Coronado.

"I'm not satisfied with selling a piece of my artwork to someone and having them just hang it on the wall and forgetting about it. I want them to get a kick out of it each time they enter that room." 

This credo comes from a man who's own art history is 'checkered' to say the least. Expelled from Catholic School for being a wise-acre, doodling and staring out the window, then receiving a D- in the only art class he ever took, Michael has become recognized as a successful painter in acrylics and watercolors, as a folk artist working in wood, a video film maker and most recently painting on his iPhone and iPad.

He wears the mantle of 'Outsider', or uneducated, artist comfortably. The freedom of being self-taught has allowed him to vary his technique and color schemes according to each subject with little regard to academic theory and rules. This has driven gallery owners crazy in the past as Michael would not settle into one proven and successful style.

Born in a small town in Ohio, Michael now divides his time between Coronado, California, Tucson, Arizona and Lanikai, Hawai'i with his wife Jill.

From teaching Architecture for the Peace Corps in West Africa to speaking with art classes and groups about the 'Leaps of Faith' that all artists must take along the way, Michael enjoys repeating one motto above all: "If you're trying something new and you're not a little bit're not doing it right."

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