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San Diego, California,
Phone: 858.483

My Bike by Amos Robinson

Public Art

About the artist:

"Bring the metal to life." This is my mantra as an artist.

Stainless steel is my main medium of expression. My process integrates fluid shapes, kinetic motion, sensual form, reflective light and rich color to transform a sheet of cold, hard steel. The materials and methods of construction give permanence to my dreams.

My skills, and understanding of metal and mechanics, were honed over many years spent collecting and restoring classic Porsche sports cars, Harley Davidson, Indian and BMW motorcycles. These pursuits – and a thirty-year career designing, marketing and installing large-scale air pollution control and process equipment for industrial and government projects – are the foundation for the artwork I produce today.

While that background may seem unusual for an artist, my earliest memories are of being surrounded by art and antiquities. My mother was an accomplished painter; my grandparents and parents had antique shops and galleries. However, it was a distinct experience when I was twelve that sparked my future life as an artist.

In 1964 while visiting our grandparents in New York City, my brothers and I were taken to the Calder exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum. To that point, whenever we entered a gallery, museum or antique shop, the words we heard were, “Boys, put your hands in your pockets and do not touch anything.”

Then came the Calder exhibit. As I stood before one of Calder’s sculptures, the docent said to me, “Go ahead, son, make it move; bring it to life.”

The docent’s invitation was both a delight and a revelation. In that moment the world of art expanded to include more than objects hanging on walls or sitting on shelves gathering dust and admiration.

That’s where it started for me as an artist. Bring the metal to life.