Visual Arts: Painting

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1536 Tenth Street
Coronado, CA, 92118

Nathaniel Clark

Visual Arts: Painting

About the artist:

For me, making a painting is a bit like wandering in the desert. I may begin with a vague notion of a destination, but the pleasure is in the unexpected discoveries and unplanned detours.

Most of my paintings are pure inventions; these occupy most of my painting time, and develop over months and years. Sometimes I have an idea or vision that guides my early progress, but inevitably these conscious directives become hindrances to real inspiration. More often, I begin these paintings with a need for a particular compositional geometry and rhythm, or to see how certain colors play against each other. Through trial, error, and discovery, the abstract armatures gradually take on the clothing of figuration and narrative. The paintings only work when my decisions are unconscious, guided more by intuition than thoughtful judgment; and the images feel to me, in the end, like a souvenir of a dream.

I studied figurative sculpture and painting at Yale College and at the Graduate School of Art at Washington University in St. Louis, and teach drawing and painting privately and at Miramar, Southwestern, and Cuyamaca Colleges.

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