Visual Arts: Painting

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Coronado, CA, 92118

Pam A. Murphy

Visual Arts: Painting

About the artist:

Pamela A. Murphy has lived in Coronado off and on since the early 1960's. She graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic school in Coronado! Her father was a Naval Officer who became a four star Admiral and later served in the Reagan Administration. Like most Navy families Pamela moved around quite frequently, while growing up, and lived in many parts of the country. She attended the University of Michigan where she graduated with a degree in Psychology with the highest honors. Following up with a Masters Degree in Social Work, Pamela completed an internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. After completing her formal education Pamela entered the service as a Naval Officer with the Medical Service Corps. As an active duty Social Worker she started the Family Advocacy Center for the Navy, located in San Diego, in the late 1980's.

After her time in the Navy, Pamela worked as a program director for an Employee Assistance Program and later as an independent psychotherapist with a private practice in San Diego. After retiring in 2004 Pamela began painting in earnest. She attended the La Jolla Athenaeum school of the arts and took lessons from Jeff Yeomans and Pat Kelly. She also attended classes from Watts Atelier in Encinitas. Pam paints in oil and works largely in an impressionist style.

Pam is married to Brian Lippe, a retired Navy SEAL, Financial Planner and currently a hobbyist in the art of Photography. She lives in the Coronado Cays. Pamela has three children Heather, Mike and Doug. Heather is a school counselor in nashville, Mike is a Chartered Financial Analyst in Poway and Doug is a Major and Orthodontist in the Army stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. She has nine grandchildren!