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Riana Bucceri

Visual Arts: Digital Art | Visual Arts: Photography

About the artist:

Riana Bucceri is a current Digital Arts instructor at Coronado High School where she teaches various aspects of digital arts including; Animation, Photography, Digital Media, and Game Design. Riana received her BA in Digital Arts and Animation from College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI. Her continued passion for learning and teaching fueled Riana to pursue a master’s degree at High Tech High Graduate School of Education, Point Loma, CA. There she graduated with a M.Ed. concentrating on project based learning, differentiation for students, and developing teacher leadership initiatives. Most recently she completed her Administration credential allowing her to lead as a school site principal, assistant principal, and various leadership positions.

Riana is an Adobe Education Leader and Trainer, has written multiple sectors of curriculum for Digital Arts, and continues to work on the Arts, Media, Entertainment website for the California Department of Education. She has a continued passion for the arts and is constantly creating her own body of work that includes photography, traditional art, graphics, and animation. Riana has always had a desire for teaching and learning since she can remember and that is still true as of today.