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Coronado, CA, 92178

F Denver McGarey

Literature: Writer

About the artist:

F. Denver McGarey is the father of seven miraculous children and considered one of the foremost experts in the United States in the planning, leasing and development of epic mixed use retail projects. Denver is partners with his wife in the operation of their family business and is a passionate reader and writer with an unmistakable belief in the human condition and the importance of each life story as it unfolds. Beginning at age seven, Denver repeatedly wrote to the President, White House Staff, senators, congressman, and other positions of power and those who held them. He wanted to change the world through his written word. His intent to write a novel became fact certain when he read Jeffery Archer's Kane & Abel in the late 1970s, realizing that storytelling could be mixed with history, personal or otherwise, and entertain people with a love story or a sleigh ride through hell and back.

Cast in the early 1970s afterburn of a charmed life of privilege, of leafy Larchmont, New York, and preppy Westhampton Beach, Long Island, The Indenture follows twelve-year-old William Kane Jr. “WK,” through his parents poisonous divorce, a move to unbridled Scottsdale, Arizona, and a life with his brothers wrapped around the selfish and controlling needs of his mother’s flickering ambition to remain elite, while being left penniless by her ex-husband’s powerful family as retribution for her uprooting. WK endures the burden of his mother’s failings, while his sister attempts to marry into one of the world’s wealthiest families, masking her hatred of her mom, their terminally intoxicated father, evil uncle, and tattered brothers. The barriers to life for WK resonate deeply, where the chorus of tennis and riding lessons, summer camps, and extravagant vacations have been broken under financial duress and replaced with alcoholism, creditors, bullies, disloyalty, and no experience in the ways of the underprivileged. The Indenture delivers the raw uncertainty that only a child can feel as his family’s fortune evaporates under the hot Arizona sun, where his only hope is the belief that their story is not his in the end.