Visual Arts: Painting

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Uwe Werner

Visual Arts: Painting

About the artist:

Uwe Werner was born in Koblenz Germany in 1942. After coming to the United States, he settled in Tacoma, Washington in 1952. Uwe studied fine art at PLU in Tacoma and later received his Bachelor's degree in art from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Getting his start in Coronado, California in the 1970's, Uwe became well known throughout Coronado and the San Diego area. There in Coronado he has his elegant art gallery for 21 years. Uwe's art has also been carried in many fine art galleries in Seatlle, Washington, Houston, Texas, as well as Carmel, La Jolla, Coronado, San Diego, Palm Desert and Del Mar, California.

In July 1970 Uwe's art was featured in a large spread in Southwest Art Magazine. Uwe's growing popularity and new found exposure from the recent issue spread his name across the Midwest and into the East Coast. With his large following on the West coast and now national recognition, Uwe has established himself as a true professional artist.

Among Uwe's many credits he was published in Soho New York and has many one man shows. One of his more significant shows was in the San Diego Art Institute. In more recent years Uwe has been showing in various prominent art shows and festivals. Among the list are prestigious shows such as La Quinta and the Southwest Art Festival in Indio as well as the La Jolla Festival of the Arts in CA.

For the last 25 years Uwe has made his home in Bonita (coastal CA) on a ranch with his wife Geraldine (also an artist) and a myriad of animals. Together they enjoy the coastline of San Diego and create their fine art.

Uwe's regular local show is held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month in Spreckels Park, Coronado CA between 6th and 7th st. on Orange Ave. 9am - 4pm.