Call to Artists - 2020 Sit a Spell and Play a Tune Public Art Program - Rotary Plaza Piano




City of Coronado, California

2020 Sit a Spell and Play a Tune Public Art Program

Rotary Plaza Piano

Honorarium - $500


Sit a Spell and Play a Tune is a public art project of the City of Coronado and its Cultural Arts Commission. The program debuted in May 2017 with an artfully decorated piano installed in Coronado Rotary Plaza (Tenth Street and Orange Avenue) and remained at the site through the Annual Holiday Parade where it hosted a crowd of carolers.

In 2018, the Cultural Arts Commission expanded this popular program to three pianos. This public art installation provides access to musical opportunity, fosters creativity, and builds a sense of community among the public and, in the process, raises awareness for public art initiatives as well as music.

After three years of high-intensity service, the original piano is being retired. However, the program intends to maintain a piano at Rotary Plaza and will secure a donated upright piano for the site. The City of Coronado seeks to involve local artist(s)/teams to work with 2020 Sit a Spell and Play a Tune Public Art Program to artistically decorate a new Rotary Plaza Piano. The artist(s) will be required to create design(s) for an artistic piano to be installed in Rotary Plaza. To be considered artists/teams are required to develop and submit visual concepts for piano designs for jury review and selection. A jury committee may select one (1) design for the Rotary Plaza Piano. If approved by the City Council the final artwork submitted will be digitized and applied to the piano via a graphic wrap process.


Proposals must be received at the City of Coronado, City Hall, 1825 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118 by March 5, 2020, before the close of business (5 p.m.) Recommended artists will be notified on March 21, 2020. The jury recommended art will be reviewed by the Cultural Arts Commission at their April 2, 2020, Regular Meeting.  A final review and approval by the Coronado City Council will be scheduled for April 21, 2020, at their Regular Meeting.

Applications may be submitted:

Via e-mail to:

Contract Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis

Type: 2020 Sit a Spell and Play a Tune Program in the subject line

(Please request an acknowledgment email)

Via mail or hand-deliver to:

2018 Sit a Spell and Play A Tune Program

City of Coronado - Cultural Arts Commission

Attn: Contract Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis

1825 Strand Way

Coronado, CA 92118


Questions concerning the scope of the project, regarding submittal or process, should contact Kelly Purvis, Sr. Management Analyst/Arts and Culture at (619) 522-2633 or


The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission of Coronado, California is requesting proposals in an open competition for local Coronado artists or artist teams to create artwork to be digitized for reproduction on graphic film “wrap” that is applied to working upright pianos. There is one piano available for decoration sited at Rotary Plaza. The completed artfully “wrapped” piano will be installed in Rotary Plaza in Coronado, making art and music accessible for the community to enjoy. The project will consider all styles and concepts for the artwork.

Please prepare a conceptual drawing for the piano and submit your conceptual images using the form attached to this proposal request. We are looking for artwork that has a composition with strong value contrast, minimizing open space and reducing the opportunity for graffiti. We are also looking for themes that fit with the potential siting of the piano. Designs will not be considered that include logos, copyrighted or trademarked images, advertisements, or political, commercial, religious or sexual symbols, themes or messages will not be accepted. Designs should be appropriate for a diverse, broad-based audience of all ages. Selected individual(s)/teams whose designs are installed on a piano will receive an honorarium of $500.

If selected, artists will be notified by April 3, 2020, that their piece will be forwarded for approval to the City Council on April 21, 2020, and upon approval will be required to create their final artwork for digitization by April 27, 2020. The Rotary Piano will be installed in May 2020 and remain up through the Coronado Holiday Parade on December 4, 2020.

The piano is a wooden console piano. The back of the piano panel will be printed on a vinyl mesh banner and adhered to the piano in order to complete the design but will allow the soundboard to function during piano operation. The piano and artwork are the property of the City of Coronado. In the event the piano becomes permanently damaged by weather or other circumstances, it may be removed from display. Pianos will continue to be reused/recycled until no longer viable and maybe re-wrapped at a future date.


This project is open to all local and associate artists or artist teams. Teams can include school groups, clubs, organizations, etc. The artist or artist team leader must be at least 18 years of age. The artists must be willing to work with the design team selected by the City of Coronado Cultural Arts Commission and artist or artist teams must submit final images for digitization no later than April 27, 2020.


LOCAL ARTIST:  A local artist is anyone who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Lives in Coronado
  • Works a minimum of 20 hours per week in Coronado
  • Owns property in Coronado

Local Artists are eligible to have a personal profile on the website and are welcome to exhibit in CAC sponsored exhibitions.

ASSOCIATE ARTIST:  An associate artist must meet two of the three following requirements:

  • Graduate of Coronado High School
  • Has a body of Coronado-themed work (minimum of 10 images)
  • Lived in Coronado for 7 years or more

Associate Artists are eligible to have a personal profile on the website and may show in CAC sponsored exhibitions by invitation.


The City will provide a total honorarium of $500 to cover all applicable expenses in creating artwork, including all fees for supplies and execution of artwork selected.


A jury consisting of two members of the Public Art Working Team and one representative from the Cultural Arts Commission will review application materials and make a recommendation to the Cultural Arts Commission. The Cultural Arts Commission will review and provide recommendations to the City Council for this project at their April 2, 2020, regular meeting. Final review and approval of the project, including final artwork by the City Council, will be scheduled for April 21, 2020, regular meeting. The jury reserves the right to reject any or all entries at any time in the review and selection process.


Qualification of the artist/team to the project and goals as demonstrated in the letter of intent will be reviewed. Also, the quality and suitability of the submitted concept image.


Upon selection and final design approval, the artist/team must complete a contract with the City of Coronado. All finished work shall be faithful to the drawings, design, and concept as approved by the Cultural Arts Commission. Progress reports and honorarium will be made as contracted. All designs selected become the property of the City of Coronado.


Please submit one (1) copy of the following materials:

  • Artist/Team Application Contact Form (page 4 of this document)
  • Letter of intent outlining any accomplishments as an artist, your interest in this project, and description of your proposed design. (Maximum of 2 pages)
  • Full-color concept image drawn, painted, or printed on the form at the end of this proposal request. Artists/teams may submit up to three (3) concepts for the piano. (page 5 and 6 of this document). Artists are limited to three designs.

Submissions must be complete or will not be reviewed. The City of Coronado and the Cultural Arts Commission is not responsible for lost or damaged artist materials. Materials will not be returned.